As competition within the aerospace and defense industry becomes more cutthroat, it is increasingly important for companies to look for ways to future-proof their business structure by integrating technologies that save both time and money. According to Deloitte’s in-depth study of the A&D industry, the most forward-thinking industry leaders are focusing on the following goals for a competitive edge:

  • Developing a skilled workforce
  • Developing long-term efficient leadership
  • Increasing global sales & marketingStreamlining manufacturing processes
  • Increasing the speed of finished products to market

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides a network for all departments of a company to integrate data into a central resource; including data from smart manufacturing. The ability to access any data from any department or machine allows all departments to streamline operations, and gives project managers the ability to analyze data necessary for creating products that exceed customer expectations. In short, Enterprise Resource Planning software eliminates unnecessary labor costs by creating a centralized hub of data available to any department at any time. This software can be customized and implemented to specifically address the needs of your company to maximize efficiency and ultimately increase profits.

Industry 4.0 is built on machine-to-machine communication, and ERP software interprets and analyzes the data so departments can not only share data but also access necessary data from smart machines in manufacturing. This helps to identify weak points and possible points of improvement. The ability to access data of this magnitude will allow companies to develop a forward-thinking business strategy and achieve the five most important goals for the future success of the A&D industry.

Develop a Skilled Workforce

Hiring and developing a skilled workforce is at the forefront of future concerns for A&D companies. ERP software will allow companies to analyze data to develop training programs and systems that uniquely develop employees into a highly-skilled workforce. As employees learn and grow, access to data from all departments will help them utilize their skills efficiently, and help them focus on long-term growth.

Smart machines will be able to communicate with employees about pre-emptive maintenance needs, product delays, or quality concerns. As they communicate, they will produce data that helps leaders within the company determine more efficient manufacturing processes, freeing up employees to focus on future goals. This will result in a workforce dedicated to future growth, efficiency, and planning for new projects.ERP software tailored to your business will set your employees up for maximum efficiency, which saves you money and increases overall profits.

Develop Long-Term Efficient Leadership

As employees develop company-specific skill sets, they will need strong leaders to organize them into cohesive, effective departments.ERP software allows leaders to analyze data relevant to employee performance, and implement management practices that provide employees with empowering structured work environments. Leaders will also be able to analyze data from smart manufacturing machines and match specific tasks to the employees with the skills to perform them.

Increase Global Sales & Marketing

Demands for A&D products are increasing in China, India, the Middle East, and the UK. As demand increases, it’s important for aerospace and defense manufacturers to build and develop efficient global sales departments. ERP software gives sales representatives information instantaneously. As questions arise about security protocols, product specs, and delivery estimates, sales departments are able to provide informative answers without the hassle of inter-departmental communication.

As Industry 4.0 progresses and smart machines become the basis of the A&D industry, important information about delays in product development or quality concerns will be readily available to sales departments. They will be able to communicate more effectively with customers about issues specific to their account and help resolve problems efficiently.

This is especially important as global demand increases, with speedy service as one of the key factors driving successful manufacturers.

Streamline Manufacturing Processes

Industry 4.0 relies on smart manufacturing machines to develop complex products. These machines can relay data back to all departments through ERP software, allowing all relevant departments to analyze operations and streamline manufacturing. ERP software can be tailored to your specific manufacturing needs. Data points can be analyzed to identify specific processes that can be modified to increase efficiency and quality. As consumers continue to demand more for less, it is increasingly important for manufacturers to produce higher quality for less cost to stay profitable.

While ERP software is a key factor for successful employee development, leadership development, and sales growth, it is essential for managing Industry 4.0 practices within the A&D industry now and into the future.

Increase the Speed of Finished Products to Market

As Enterprise Resource Planning software improves employee performance and manufacturing processes, products will naturally be ready for market sooner and at a more consistent rate.Industry 4.0 is all about speed. On one hand, it has made it easier for manufacturers to produce products at a faster rate. On the other, it has groomed customers to expect products almost instantaneously. As smart manufacturing becomes more commonplace, customers will gravitate towards the manufacturers with the shortest production times.

Streamlining the manufacturing process with both smart machines and a highly-skilled workforce will cut down on production time, giving your company a competitive edge. As the A&D industry continues to grow, global demand will increase, and customers will continue to expect more for less. The companies who succeed will be those who begin to restructure around smart manufacturing to be able to meet the demands of the future.

Enterprise Resource Planning software will serve as the nucleus that powers each department from a central powerhouse of data. It will give employees the tools and data they need to perform increasingly demanding tasks. As demands upon A&D manufacturers increase, a comprehensive network of data will allow companies to continue to exceed the expectations of their customers.

ERP software is the first step towards fully integrating your manufacturing company. To gain the maximum benefit that ERP software can provide, use a software provider that understands the A&D industry and can customize the software to fit your specific needs.